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ZPK Systems Solutions

ZPK is a software development company that provides developers and businesses with a multipurpose API for all kinds of projects.

ZPK Systems APIs are especially focused on the automotive industry, with solutions such as our license plate analyzer, or our OCR for VIN chassis numbers.

representation of multiple ZPK APIs working together
Representation of multiple ZPK APIs working together
Translation API, Google translate alternative

ZPK Translate

ZPK Translate is a more efficient alternative to Google Translate, providing a faster API, higher free usage quotas, a lower price per character, and smoother translations.

Our translation API also allows you to translate multiple languages ​​in a single request, and returns much more accurate translations especially in Spanish, English and Chinese.

Transation API, Google translate alternative


An API with OCR image recognition specially developed for reading vehicle VINs.

This API is not only capable of extracting one or more VINS from images and documents, it also provides detailed vehicle information and can auto-correct typing errors or incorrect image capture.

Plate Scanner API

Plate Scanner

Plate scanner is an OCR to detect vehicle license plates in photographs and documents.

An API specialized in license plate detection that is capable of recognizing the license plate format of 52 different geographical areas.

Plate scanner API

Vehicle VIN Analyzer API

This API is intended to validate and extract VIN VIN information from all types of vehicles.

It is the API used internally in ZPK to return vehicle information and autocorrection of VINs in the VinOCR API.

Detect misspellings and incorrect VINs in your application before they reach your database.

VIN number analisis API
API to analize VIN numbers
SMS sending API


An API to send SMS messages to mobile devices, with total availability in more than 216 countries.

With ZPK Systems SMS Sending API, you can send SMS messages immediately, or postpone sending them to the date and time you set.


Transparent pricing

ZPK Systems pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden details.

There are no maintenance fees, there is no minimum API usage, and there are no volume discounts since we apply the best price from the first request.

Transparent pricint: OnDemand SMS API
Transparent pricing, On-demand SMS API
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